League Name: Monday Men's League
Number of Members: 98
State: WI
Player Handicaps: 19.3 / 0.0 / 41.0 (Avg/Low/High)

League Description:
* League dates will be April 22nd – August 19th.
* No play Memorial Day or July 1st
Shop credits can be used on merchandise such as clubs, clothing, golf balls, shoes etc. NOT for lessons, greens fee, rentals, food and drinks or club repairs.
* 5:30 p.m. shotgun start, alternating front and back nine each week.
* Look at the league table in the clubhouse for your starting hole and to pick up your scorecard.
* Be at your starting hole by 5:30 p.m.! Players who arrive late can catch up to the rest of their group and drop a ball to begin play.
Entry Fees
* $505 per player
* Gold Members: : $307.71 (50% off green fees for league)
* Platinum Members: $110.43
*17 weeks x $23.21 greens fees = $371.36
17 wks. x $5 Prizes = $80.00
$18.67 steak cookout
$6.76 hole in one pot! = $505
Teams will play a round robin, 2-man net best ball match, with handicaps on the card. Divisions will be determined based by number of teams entered and handicaps. Each week your two-man team will be playing for points against the team you are paired with. Points will be awarded as follows: 1 point per hole, 1 point for total net score (10 points total per week).
Payouts will be decided after final league rosters have been determined.
Championship/Steak Night
On last night of league we will have a steak dinner and league champions will be awarded.
Hole In One Pot
First hole in one of the season gets pot. If no one has a hole in one, we will have a drawing at the banquet.
League handicaps will start by going off your 2018 league handicaps. If you are new to league you handicap will be established after the first 3 weeks of play.
League Banquet Date
Banquet will be scheduled to take place the Monday after the last night of league at 6 p.m.
Rain Policy
Clubhouse will make a decision no sooner than 3:30 on the day of golf. Please check your email before you leave your house/work. Rain check will be issued for those that paid a green fee and the match will not be rescheduled.

Courses played:

Accepting New Members: Yes

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