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1.1 - I've added a new player to my league, but they do not appear on the league home page. How can I make them appear?

Make sure that your players are all active for your current season, otherwise they will not all show up on the Leaderboard and League Round Scores pages. To do this, go to "Manage Golf Leagues" in the left side menu, then click the calendar button to Manage Seasons, then click the players button to Manage Season Members. Make sure all of the players that are participating in this season are checked, then click save.

1.2 - I can't schedule my matches because players do not have handicaps. How can I resolve?

We require all players to have handicaps generated before they can participate in match play. The reason being that the players cannot play a match fairly if they do not know who will get strokes on each hole. The system requires 3 or more scores by default to generate a handicap, however, this number can be customized in the Season's handicap settings. View our "How to set default handicaps" tutorial linked on our homepage for instructions on generating handicaps.

1.3 - My league has multiple flights, can support this?

We don't support flights directly. However, what we recommend is to have multiple concurrent seasons within your league for each of the flights. So for example if you had two flights, you’d first add all players from both flights to your league. Then create two seasons - call one something like "2018 Flight A" and the other "2018 Flight B". Give both seasons the same begin/end dates. Within each season, you have the option to define which players are active for that season... so you'd make only the A players active for the "2018 Flight A" season, and only the B players for the "2018 Flight B" season. This would allow all players to see both flights, but the standings/stats would be separate for season A and B. Be aware that you would need to schedule your round dates into each season separately.

1.4 - My league uses match play, but also has a stroke play side competition. Can I pick multiple scoring systems for my season?

No - we only allow selection of one scoring system for each season. However, you might consider these alternatives:

  • For each round, we do show everyone's net and gross scores in addition to the match results on the League Round Scores page. So if you are only tracking net/gross leaders for the individual round, you can get that information from the system.
  • Consider using stats from our Advanced Statistics page for your secondary side competitions. For example, if you're tracking net and gross scores for the whole season, you could use our Advanced Stats page to see the player's net and gross scoring averages for the whole season.
  • If you really must have full support for multiple scoring systems, then the only available option for that at this time is to create separate concurrent seasons for each one. This would give you a separate leaderboard for each scoring system. This option has some drawbacks - you'd need to enter player scores multiple times (once for each season), and those scores would factor into handicap calculations as separate independent rounds. So we recommend the other options over this one.

1.5 - Can I print out my league data? is primarily designed so that all of your players can login and view league data directly on the web, so we don't have a lot of printing support. We do have an option for generating printable scorecards from week to week - see the "Print Scorecards" hyperlink on the League Round Scores page. Beyond that, you could try using your browser's print function for any of our other pages.

2.1 - When creating a new course, I click save but it says "Please correct all highlighted fields.". I don't see any highlighted fields - how do I get past this?

This typically occurs when you have not filled out data for both Front and Back Nines. The highlighted fields are on the tab for a nine that is hidden. You can either select that tab and fill out the data, or if your course only has nine holes, use the "Remove Selected Nine" button to deleted the unused nine.

2.2 - I created a new course but made errors on the tee names or forgot to add one of the nines. The system will not let me fix these, how can I resolve?

We lock down some of the course data on the Edit Course screen since the courses can be re-used by multiple leagues. However, our support team can manually update these items in our database directly when needed. Please follow the "Contact" link at the bottom of the page and we can help. You'll need to let us know the Course Name and Location, as well as the problem that needs to be fixed.

3.1 - Do I have to wait for my players to play 3 rounds before they can get a handicap?

The number of rounds required to generate a handicap can be adjusted in the League Season settings. In addition, our Manage External Scores page can be used to generate player handicaps before they play any rounds. View our "How to set default handicaps" tutorial linked on our homepage for instructions on generating handicaps.

3.2 - I need to generate default handicaps for my players but only have 9-hole scores to enter on the Manage External Scores page. How can I generate handicaps?

You have two options on how to enter your 9-hole scores on this page:
1. The "official" way to handle this per USGA rules is to combine 9-hole scores to make 18-hole scores. To get the course rating for the 18 hole score, you'd add the course ratings from the two nines. To get the slope rating, you'd take the average of the two nine's slope ratings. So for example, if you had 36.5/110 for one nine, and 36.0/120 for the other, the combined values would be 72.5/115.
2. The "official" way is kind of a pain. Simply doubling the 9-hole scores tends to be a close enough approximation to get your league started. So if a player has a score of 40 for 9-holes on a course that was 36.5/110. You'd enter their score on our External Scores page as an 80 with the ratings 73.0/110 (double the score and course rating, keep slope rating as is).

3.3 - Do you support players in a match playing from different tees?

Yes the system will allow players from different tees to compete in a match... simply choose the proper tee for each player when entering their scores on the League Round Scores page. If using the "USGA 2020" handicapping system, the calculations are now based upon the course par, so any differences between the tees in course or slope rating is no longer an issue.

3.4 - I used your system last year. Is it possible to clear my player handicaps so they re-establish new handicaps this year?

No the handicap calculation cannot be configured to ignore the player scoring history that is in the system. You could consider reducing the "Number of Rounds Considered" in the season's handicap settings if you do not want to look as far back in history. But remember that with fewer rounds the player handicaps will fluctuate more. In general, establishing a scoring history to stabilize handicaps takes time and intentionally ignoring that data is a questionable thing to do. If you are trying to appease the complainers in your league, they are likely to complain about their handicaps no matter what you do.

3.5 - I run a 9-hole league. Some of my player's handicaps alternate between two values between the front and back nines. Why is this?

We do not track "official" 9-hole handicaps. Instead we normalize everyone in the system for 18-holes, and then adjust for 9 when appropriate. This allows us to simplify how we handle 9 and 18 hole leagues. Consider a scenario where a player's 18-hole handicap is an odd number (such as 11). When we divide by 2 to get their 9-hole handicap, we get a value with a half stroke decimal (5.5 in this case). We resolve this by rounding up on the nine that has the #1 handicap hole, and rounding down on the other nine. So the player will get 6 strokes on the harder nine, and 5 strokes on the easier nine... totalling the 11 strokes they would get for 18-holes.

4.1 - How do players that I add to my league get access to the website?

In order to access the website, you'll need to provide the player's email address when adding them to the league. Their username will be their email address and password is your league's default password, which is shown on the Manage League Members page. We no longer send automated notifications to new players, so you will need to contact them yourself to provide their login credentials. See the Help page for further details.

4.2 - I did not receive an email for my [password reset, league announcement, etc] action.

First check your junk mail folder in case our email got caught by spam filters. If found, be sure to mark the email as legitimate so we do not get blocked again in the future. If still not found, try adding our email addresses as a safe senders in your email client: "" and "". Steps to do this are dependent upon your email provider, but often involve adding the email address to your address book or contacts list. Please refer to your specific email provider's documentation for further information.

4.3 - How do I verify my email address so that I can receive league announcements?

Login and navigate to your League Home page. If your email address is not yet verified, there will be a "Verify" notice at the top of the page. Clicking that will walk you through steps to verify your email address.

4.4 - One of my league members changed their email address. When I go to the Manage League Members page, why do I not have the option to edit their information?

When a league administrator adds a new player on the Manage League Members page, a new account is created for the player if they do not already have one in the system. The league administrator can edit the player's profile information until the time that the player logs into the account themselves. At that point the player has taken ownership of the account, and only they can edit their information by logging in and going to the My Profile page. You can see which players have logged into their accounts in the far right column on the Manage League Members page.

5.1 - How do I input player scores for league rounds?

Player scorecards are entered on the League Round Scores page. To get there, click the "Schedule" link in the left side Player Links menu, then click the date for the round that you want to enter. Here you will see all of your league players listed. Click the "+" button beside the player to reveal buttons for entering scores.

5.2 - Who is able to input player scores for league rounds?

The league season settings include a "Who Can Enter Scores" setting to control which players can enter scores. See the Help page for further details.

5.3 - Can I just enter the total round score, or do I have to enter each hole-by-hole scores? only accepts hole-by-hole entry of league round scores at this time. If you have a large league, we recommend granting administrator access to a few trusted players to allow the work of entering scores to be divided between multiple people. Alternatively, you might allow your players to enter their own scores directly (they can add new scores, but only admins can edit/delete), and then as the administrator just double check for accurate recording.

5.4 - I have defined multiple tees for my golf course, however, only one is available when entering player scores. How do I enter scores for the other tees?

Make sure you have not scheduled your round to use a specfic tee. When scheduling rounds on the Manage Season Schedule page, it is optional to enter a value for the "Tee" field. If set, this will limit all players to that particular tee box. If you leave it blank, you will have the option to choose from all tee boxes when entering each player's scores. If you've set it incorrectly, go back to the Manage Season Schedule page to edit the round and clear the "Tee" field.

5.5 - Can I assign each player to a specific tee box?

You cannot assign players to a specific tee box. However, when you enter a player's score on a particular tee, the system will remember that choice and show the player's handicap based on that tee for future rounds.