Change Log

This page documents changes that have been made to

Date Description
2022-01-09 Added new season setting to control which players can enter scores. See the "Who Can Enter Scores" setting on the Manage League Season help page for further details.
2021-10-10 Added "select all" buttons to more easily check all players on the Manage Season Members page when activating for the season or setting skins participation.
2021-05-26 Updated League Round Skins page to include the count of players participating in the net and/or gross skins competitions.
2021-05-07 Fixed bug on the Advanced Stats page that was causing the results to be sorted incorrectly.
2021-04-18 Fixed bug that was causing match play predicted handicaps to display incorrectly when playing a 9-hole course.
2021-04-11 Added new "Custom Points" individual scoring system, allowing manual entry of points earned by hole and/or round directly on the scorecard. See the Scoring Systems help page for further details.
2021-03-14 Update scorecard header info to include the season name.
2021-03-07 Added capability to toggle between the standard display and a dark theme. This option is only available to premium users.
2021-02-28 Updated leaderboard for match play seasons to display W-L-T match totals.
2021-02-20 Added Handicap History page, which shows how your handicap index has changed over time. This page is only available to premium users.